How to Launch a story-seeking Campaign

Use campaigns to strategically collect stories related to themes that are important to your company.

Any admin can make an announcement to users that they are looking for stories related to a theme. Do this from campaign settings under Company Settings/Campaigns

Campaign set-up steps:

  • Give it a name.
  • Add a description, "we are seeking ....."
  • Pick a start and end date.
  • Send an announcement to all.  You can announce the campaign by 1). sending an announcement directly from the campaign admin page to all users, 2). copying a link to the campaign and sending it on your own using email, 3). using the link to create a button to embed in your own email campaign tools, and 4). logged users will also see a button to contribute from your main storyboard. 
  • Collect stories and celebrate greatness 🎉


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