Integrate with Chatter groups

Step 1: Configure Salesforce

1.  Navigate to Settings area of SalesForce.

2.  Navigate to Platform Tools > Apps.

3.  Click New Connected App and fill out the resulting screen as follows:

  • App Name: GoodSeeker
  • API Name: GoodSeeker
  • Email:

         Click to enable OAuth Settings options and configure as follows:

  • Callback URL:
  • Selected OAuth Scopes:  Access and manage your Chatter data (chatter_api)AND Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
  • Require Secret for Web Server Flow: On

   4. Save the app in Salesforce.

   5. On next screen copy Consumer Key and Secret. You will need these to configure GoodSeeker.


Step 2: Configure GoodSeeker

1.   Log into GoodSeeker with an administrator account.

2.  Navigate to Company Settings > Integrations.

3.  Click the Salesforce Integration.

4.  Enter the Salesforce app Consumer Key and Secret from the earlier step.

5.  Accept the Salesforce confirmation for access.

6.  Once redirected back to GoodSeeker, select the Salesforce Chatter group to publish stories into.


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